What is Dimensional Wisdom?


Energetic Healing by Any Means Necessary

Many people have prosthelytized about the mind-body-spirit paradigm. I am an entity who actually has mastery in each of these concepts. Through contemplation, training, and experience for the last 16 years I have synthesized Shamanism, Rolfing, Reiki-Qi Gong-Darmaja, and Psychotherapy into one philosophy.  I call this philosophy – Dimensional Wisdom!

Interestingly, this symbol that appears frequently throughout my website is an Adinkra (West African) symbol. The name for the symbol is Osram Ne Nsoroma which translates into Moon and Stars. It represents faithfulness, love, harmony, fondness, benevolence, and femininity.


       Auric Photo of Ken Grider. 11/15/2009