Jodi – I’ve been studying with Ken Grider for a decade. I am now a certified Darmaja master and a Shaman in training and my life is profoundly different than it was before I began my training. I used to be very high strung, anxious all the time. I was a control freak. I never sat still. I had blood sugar issues. Now I’m sometimes so laid back that my husband says, “Who are you and what did you do with my wife?!” I am very empathic–I took on the emotions of every one around me. In particular, learning Ken’s shielding technique utterly changed my life.

I can now tell the difference between my own emotions and others’.  I no longer take responsibility for others feelings, but I can remain compassionate without getting emotionally involved myself.  The meditation and breathing techniques have been particularly helpful in my role as a mother.  When my children are crying or refuse to go to sleep I can calmly just stay in the now with them.  I have also been able to teach my children these invaluable techniques.   Ken Grider truly walks his talk.  He’s the real deal.


Michelle – Vibrational Velocity has been a very transformational class for me. I had read many books on spirituality and taken many other classes, but it was this class that taught me to really tune into myself much more deeply, including tapping into Mind and going beyond the 5 physical senses to get information, and to take full charge of my well-being by doing a combination of the tools that we learned in class. Shielding helps me to connect to my own energy in a forgiving space, while tuning into the flow of the divine and simultaneously grounding into the earth. Tree meditation helps me train my mind to be completely still and resist the urge to move anything, including not swallowing. That is quite the opposite of what society is teaching us these days.

Triangle meditation helps me to empty my mind and remember myself as the silence and emptiness.  Darmaja breathing is one of my favorite techniques.  It is breathing that has me go through my energetic field section by section and look at any thought that is blocking the natural flow of my breath and then expelling that blocked energy while adding forgiveness.  What’s left is an uninhibited and vibrant self.  Ken Gong has taught me that I can actually create my own energy and charge myself up much like a battery.  By doing different movements in Ken Gong you can actually feel the tingling of the energy as you create it and store it in your body.


Kathy – As I began to practice the tools laid out by Ken, I began to see that every thought, every experience, and every word I spoke had shaped the inner workings of my reality. When I contemplated this and began to go deeper, I realized I had imprisoned and encapsulated myself in my own patterns of victimization.

As I kept working with the techniques I had been taught and continued to attend seminars, my perception on life and most importantly how I view myself began to change.


Kimmie – I am very grateful to myself for participating in training and to Ken for being such a great instructor. My life is completely different after learning and practicing all of the tools we use in class. I feel strong, centered and fearless. I feel that I know myself on a level that I never knew was possible. I am no longer a victim. I have a whole lot less junk in my trunk. I can tell when my practice is lacking, as I have less patience and focus.

Whenever my emotions get overwhelming I know that I have not been breathing and meditating the way I should.  Constant shielding is an important part of my life and I cannot imagine NOT shielding.  I can quiet my mind now, where before I had a bad case of monkey mind.  My communications with others is more genuine and I have more capacity to love myself and others to a higher degree.


Suzie – The tools I have learned through two years of studying and practicing with Ken Grider have improved my relationship with my teenage daughter, our communications with each other and my relationship with myself and others. I have ended relationships that needed to be ended and begun new ones with like-minded, spiritually-beckoned people. The tools I have learned have helped me focus my mind and shut out distractions, taught me to discern more of what was happening around me and interpret the energies I sense.

I have begun to trust opening myself up to sense the energies around me as I have learned to protect myself from the energetic incursions of others (seen and unseen).  More importantly I have learned how to connect deeply to the source.  Although I had no background in the healing arts, I have become a Darmaja Master (energetic healer) and am a shaman in training.  Would I say these tools are life transforming? Absolutely!


More Testimonials…

It’s the Parker’s with our log for day one of 21 (Long Distance Healing).

Joshua’s intent–that he not be sick anymore, have no more “bad poops” and help sleeping.   His nose ran the whole time you were working and still is 1/2 hour later.

Russell’s intent–to clear and heal anything that needed to be.  During the work he could feel you working–he “felt altered”.  He says he feels lighter and is aware of his liver more than before you started.

Jodi’s intent–anything that helps me sleep.  I knew you started working when I got a headache right at six.  Headache went away pretty quickly and I could feel things in my heart and neck region releasing.  I got really nauseous, took a deep breath and released some more.  After effects–shoulders still feel tingly, but my hips are sore (which I’m sure has nothing to do with the 5+ pound weight I’m carrying in them :-)  ).

Just call it Ken’s Qi train. lol

OMG! I felt the healing session! At about 6:30 I felt a very heavy sensation in my body, like someone was pushing down on me. Then I felt some pressure at the acupuncture points, like someone had their thumb on my head. I would guess around BL10 and GB17. I felt pretty connected, like I was spinning. Then I had some areas of pain, got tired and fell asleep. lol…It was awesome!

We can always feel it–all of us have physical symptoms as well–runny nose, sneezing, having to take deep breaths, the baby gets active.  Russell says:  his liver is feeling better, tonight he’s drained (day 4). Joshua says:  he’s been scared during nap for the last couple of days–thinks there is a monster and won’t let me leave the room–wakes up instantly if I try to leave which is unusual.  He says he feels a little safer tonight–we’ll see how it goes. Jodi:  Definitely bringing stuff up to be cleared–sleeping sometimes, not others.  Been working on clearing heart and throat chakras and could feel movement tonight while you worked.  Definitely have more energy then I have lately.
The Parkers

Long Distance Healing:

On the first day of Ken’s long distance healing session, I could actually sense a great amount of energy around me. Along with that energy, I felt peace, love, healing and a general sense of well-being. I began to feel slightly tired, but when I woke up the next morning, I felt revitalized and fresh. The second day of Ken’s long distance healing session actually kept me away from harm and warned me of danger. As I was driving home from school, I was overwhelmed by a sense of danger and began to feel very nervous. I pulled up to a light feeling upset and scared. Then I immediately felt Ken’s presence telling me to stay alert and to look for healing as well as strength. As I was turning, I was hit by another driver changing lanes, who had not been paying attention. Ken had been looking out for me and because of that there was no injuries. I walked away from the accident unharmed and my car only received a tiny dent.  I was shaken up, but felt Ken’s energy, strength, and love. It was an inspiration in my time of need.


I had been feeling sick, lethargic, and had been experiencing chest pains. I went to numerous Doctors only to be told it was just my “imagination”. While the chest pains continued and an EKG revealed there was nothing wrong with my heart, I was getting more sick. I finally went to see Ken G and as I receiving my healing, I just began to cry and felt instant pain in my chest. I thought I was dreaming, but it felt like Ken reached into my chest and took something out of my chest. At that moment, the chest pains I had been experiencing instantly went away. Then I stopped crying and felt good for the first time in months. My chest pains have never come back and my health immediately took a turn for the better.

Ken – I am grateful and blessed by your healing today.

 Anonymous Client

I’m feeling better today. Different in some way. It was an interesting evening with Bob. I can see how the relationship will change and it’s a very good thing. I think his healing will progress more quickly than before and I’m feeling that being around me and the changes I am going through is helping. Keep checking in on him please.
Anonymous Client


Thank you for who you are and all that you do. I am blessed to have The Grand Master to train me. Hope you have a wonderful week!

 Peace, Love and Happiness,


Mr. Ken, at this time I need to tell you how grateful I am to you for your help over the past few years.  Your work on me has given me a ‘boost’ to get me to the point I need to be at to perform this particular function I have been tasked with in my lifetime – I will tell you about it someday when time will allow me to share it with you.  Your role in this is profound, and your heart needs to hear it!  The universe linked me with you…and boy am I glad they did! So thank you, from the vast eternity of my heart!

OOOOH I just love ya!!! (student closes her eyes and gives Ken the biggest bear hug he has ever received)!  Hehe…

 Talk soon!

So, just dropping a line to let you know I made it home in one piece. Although I’m not clear on the details of how exactly I got here (I’m lucky there’s only 2 turns). Anonymous noticed a difference the minute I got out of the car. Keeping my shields solid seems more difficult “out here”. Have to keep checking them every minute or so. Other than that, feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I’ll keep you posted. Thank You.

Hi Ken!  Thanks for the healing yesterday….it has helped so much!  I feel so much clearer today and more like myself.  I was so impressed with your students…..it was a wonderful experience to watch you all work.  You have really developed an amazing healing modality and your students will be able to help many people!  What a gift!
Much love,
Anonymous Client

Hi Ken! Thanks for your note. It was a very good session and there has been a shift in certain negativity in my emotions and I feel more open. It is like something negative left me. Thank you so much.
Stay warm in the snowy Colorado.
All the best,
Anonymous Client

It was such a pleasure meeting you this week and especially getting to experience a taste of your healing skills first hand. It was such good fortune to meet you, especially as I was trying to rekindle a previously dead-end search for the chance to develop my interest/skills in energy work but especially Shamanism.

Since I tried to experience my first lower world journey three years ago in a course taught by my university professor (and his drum), shamanism has resonated with me in a way I’m normally unfamiliar with. I truly feel that it’s the path that speaks most strongly to me, and will be a framework for the future work I hope to do combining an allopathic medical practice with healing modalities that cater to a patient’s spirit and mind as much as their body.

Your offer to put me in touch with some teachers and help to guide me on a path to learning more means a great deal for me. My intentions in wanting to be a student of shamanism and energy work are positive and have been with me for quite a number of years. Now, more than ever, I feel ready to learn with an open heart and an open mind.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Take Care,
Anonymous Client

Dear Ken, thank you for my treatment today. I feel so energized. I think I will have to come out to see you when I need more energy.  Thanks again.
Anonymous Client   

Hi Ken, I  was at your lecture Thursday in Richmond and  was blown away. I wanted so much to speak with you but you were having a conversation with someone.  Are you taking appointments when you come back to Richmond? If so, sign me up for an hour or so. This is all new to me and I am so excited.

I was glad you mentioned the spinning because I have felt spinning inside when I am meditating looking at a candle.  When I left Thursday night I was so at peace. This one paragraph should have been several but I just wanted to get this typed and sent. You definitely have a gift and the part about applying the shield is most important. Take care,
Anonymous Client

Notes from 2-24-07 and 2-25-07 – Darmaja Training

As part of our training on 2-24-07, we were introduced to Shielding, which had a profound energy impact upon my being. The feeling was nothing like I have ever experienced. The first shielding made me feel light headed and my body wanted to move in the shape of a triangle.  The second shielding was much more powerful and made me feel like I was in a wind tunnel of sorts, where the wind was coming from the earth and it put pressure on my body. It was difficult at first to move around in either shield. In the second shield, everything around looked more alive but somehow surreal. I could almost see energy coming from objects and especially plants. The first time we went outside in both shields, it reminded me of times from my childhood when I used to lay in the grass or on a slide and watch the clouds in the sky for long periods of time.

 Our training lasted eight hours and included much energy work upon our spirits. I went through several healings via the Darmaja technique in the afternoon. My energy level that night was astonishing. I slept deeply, with little dream activity.

The next morning, 2-25-07, I awoke with a feeling much like a hang-over, without the icky feelings of a hang-over. My head was in the clouds and I found it hard to focus. My body was sore, especially my neck and shoulder region. I developed a pimple overnight on my third eye. Grounding meditation and chi gong exercises alleviated some of the feeling, but I still felt like my energy was tapped.

 It is amazing that this technique has such a powerful effect. The time it takes to perform is little in comparison to the immediate, deep results. I highly recommend training in this method and believe that being a patron is a necessity to living well.


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