Ken Gong is Meditation, Breathing, Shielding and Qi Gong – from an African American Shaman’s Perspective!

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Ken Gong is a unique matrix of applied philosophy, psychology, physiology and physical training. Ken Grider has traveled over several continents in search of effective transcendental healing, awareness and energy resources. In turn, Ken Gong is the culmination of many years of research. The resulting DVD is a learning compendium. This instructional video is richly produced within the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Join the master as he explains in articulate detail the meaning and techniques that are the essence of Ken Gong.


Our society today is challenged with information overload, stress, and noise. Because of our daily distractions, we tend to exist and function unconsciously, outside of our center; a reality in which we are only reacting, not consciously creating. On the other hand, having some type of practice that allows one to quiet the mind, come to stillness, to slow down and come back to center…is paramount. Meditation can completely change your life. It’s the ultimate tool for properly nourishing the mind. Meditation allows one to go inward… to infinity.


If you don’t think that the breath is important, then stop doing it and see what happens! The ability to breathe profoundly is one of the most crucial aspects of an exercise regimen or meditative practice. Deep breathing will shift your consciousness which will in turn, change your perception of reality. Minimal breathing means minimal living. Difficult breathing means difficult living. Stop breathing, and you stop living. Breathing is the key to life!


On a basic level, shielding is a practice that protects one from negative thoughts and toxic environments. In turn, it’s an ideal tool for anyone working in the human service field. On a deeper level, shielding is a connection to divine consciousness – a source of energy that is infinite! Shielding yourself is a practice of creating a healthy energetic boundary which will allow you to have sovereignty of your space and interact with friends and family in high vibrational scenarios, thus ending the need for parasitic behavior!


Qi Gong is originally from China and has been practiced for over 5000 years! Interestingly, the character for Qi in Chinese represents air, breath, and energy. Gong roughly translates into exercise. Thus, Qi Gong literally means air-breath-or-energy exercise. In Layman’s terms, an exercise to generate and cultivate energy either internally for self healing or externally for the benefit of others. Imagine what your life could be like if you had a consistent practice of properly nourishing yourself…this is where the journey into Ken Gong begins!

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