During her amazing Journey, Dr. Ida Rolf gave her students permission to coin the term Rolfing to describe her method of body work. However, the correct term for her phenomenal healing art is called Structural Integration. What is Structural Integration? “It is a system of organizing the body so that the body is substantially vertical and substantially balanced around a vertical, in order to allow the body to accept support from the gravitational energy”. – Dr. Ida Rolf

It does this by manually freeing and sculpting fascia. Fascia becomes glued, hard and dehydrated as it responds to misalignment and malfunction over time. The SI practitioner can free these restrictions by the skilled application of pressure and movement. The approach to opening and freeing the body often occurs initially over a series of 10 sessions. These sessions systematically unwind the connective tissue web, each session building on the one before it. As the sessions progress, the body will unravel its habitual stresses and compensations, allowing more efficient movements, alignment and balance.

I proudly graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in 2003.  Please check out these documents for more in depth information about Structural Integration!

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