Darmaja is my energetic healing technique that is incorporated into Dimensional Wisdom. It has been synthesized from my years of training as a Clinical Social Worker, Reiki Master, Qi Gong Healer, Shaman, and Body Worker.

In turn, Darmaja is Advanced Energetic Healing. My hypothesis is quite simple - if I hold a patron’s head (while consciously generating an energetic field) and let the head spin involuntarily, then a powerful healing can occur!  This new technique has allowed me to access the tools in my tool box, all at once, while providing magnanimous results in just a few minutes.

A full Darmaja session includes gently holding and working with a patrons head while they are sitting in a chair, then progresses to lying down on a massage table for additional body work. Feel free to come to one of my classes and experience this advanced healing technique, for free!

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