Shamanic Journey Work


Shamanic Journey:

There are many ways to perform a “Journey”. The method I use is that I have a patron lay on the floor on a blanket with a pillow. Sacred drumming may occur before, during, and after the Journey. I am either lying next to the patron or sitting at a right angle to them. I play sacred music during the Journey as I enter into a non-ordinary reality. While in this realm,  I am performing various techniques (see below) to find answers for the patron. When I have found what I’m looking for, I bring the patron back to an upright position and we discuss what we both witnessed and discovered during the Journey.

Power Animal Retrieval – Power animals or animal totems as some call them can be considered in the same realm as protectors, guardians, or even angels to folks from other religious or spiritual traditions. Sometimes we get to the point in our lives where we loose our connection to ourself, get lost in our endeavors, and think we no longer need anyone’s guidance or assistance. In turn, discovering and or retrieving a power animal can be quite profound. Our power animals are here to guide and protect us – if we let them.

Soul Retrieval – If one believes or knows that they have a soul, then the Journey becomes that much more interesting. Because of how we live our lives, we can have soul loss. As a result, we enter into scenarios where someone has taken part of our soul or we have given part of it away. In any case, to retrieve what has been lost can be quite a magnanimous experience. Imagine trying to drive a car with 3 wheels…over time you get used to driving that way. A soul retrieval can feel like getting your 4th wheel back. We can even do this for body parts that may have lost their essence due to trauma.

Extractions - Sometimes we can get “stuff” caught up in our energetic field that doesn’t belong there. This stuff is parasitic by nature. When I perform an extraction, I systematically remove any and all things that should not be in our presence or field. Imagine walking around, either knowingly or unknowingly, all day with a sack of bricks on your back. How about we try removing that sack and see how different your Journey becomes?

Past Life Healing – If one believes or knows that they have been alive before, then the Journey becomes even more interesting. Consequently, it can be very beneficial to go in and clean up unresolved issues from one’s past life. Imagine carrying a sack on your back from 324 A.D. That would make for a very sore shoulder.


Karma Cord Cutting – When we have relationships (of any kind), sometimes our intentions and energy fields can get intertwined, mixed up, and emeshed. This is evident during and after a break up or divorce, or during and after repeated altercations with a parent, sibling, or friend. You can even have these type of scenarios that stem from a past life. Therefore, to go in and clean up the entanglement and cut the karmic cord is a profound statement – I’m done! You are ending the need to continue this pattern with this individual. When this is done, either the patrons involved come closer together or they part ways…why? The karmic cord has been cut and the individuals involved can either exist in a new and clean relationship or they no longer need to interact.

Subtle Body Healing – If one understands that a human being is a complex entity, then the Journey becomes even more interesting. Many teachers have philosophized about the subtle bodies and planes of existence. I access whatever plane or body that I need to provide healing and to access information. For example, sometimes I will go to the Akashic Plane to look at records or to the Causal Body to see why someone continues to manifest an illness in the physical body. Definitely, a profound healing can occur when we access these realms.

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